Valentine’s Day – A Day of bonding with your loved ones

Valentine’s day is here and people around the world are celebrating this day with roses, gifts, chocolates, and cards. The underlying idea is to express love to your dear ones & appreciate the love & affection they shower on you. We can take this day as an opportunity to teach our tiny tots about showing love & care for their dear ones.

A loved one for young children could mean parents, members of their extended family like grandparents, cousins, uncles, aunts, and other relations. In today’s busy lifestyle, we do not get to meet & interact with our extended family as often. For children who live abroad, it gets even more challenging to connect with their relatives & build a strong positive relationship. We can take Valentine’s Day as a day to celebrate love & relationships, by helping our children to bond with their near & dear ones, and understand their love towards them.

One of the best ways to help your younger one’s bond with their extended family is by providing some ‘together time’. We thought of giving a few ideas on how to include grandparents and extended families in the festivity of Valentine’s Day.

1. Craft activity with kids – help your child make a Valentine’s theme art for grandparents. It could be a valentine’s day card, a cardboard photo frame, wall art, or drawing pictures for the refrigerators.

2. Baking/cooking session with Grandma – how about learning your grandma’s special recipe and learning some of her secret tips & tricks? Or a few preschooler-friendly recipes like an easy mug cake.

4. Gardening with Grandpa – we can make grandpa to share his gardening experience and do a plant activity in the garden with him.

5. An outing with the extended family – A family outing to a park, nearby zoo, a kid-friendly trek, and have a playful time with the extended family.

6. Family movie night – You can sit together & enjoy a comic show or a kid-friendly movie along with grandparents and extended family.
7. Hosting a valentine’s day party for children & their friends – A playtime with their friends and requesting grandparents to read a book or tell a story.

8. Valentine’s Day message – Encourage your child to write a message as a way of showing their love towards them.

Wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s day!