September Newsletter

September Newsletter

September at Vidyarambh was an enriching blend of self-discovery, cultural learning, and family togetherness! Our theme for the month, ‘All About Me,’ was a delightful exploration into self-identity and understanding more about “me”. September too became eventful for us with celebrations lining up and we had a memorable event which was “Grandparents’ Day”. We welcomed Krishna and Ganesha to our classrooms in our celebrations. While the celebrations were on, we did not miss out on learning through the “Petting Zoo” by touching and going near a few furry animals. Let us uncover the details of September month events in this newsletter.

It is “All About Me”

September’s theme was “All About Me” and we saw it bringing out many learning activities both from teachers and children. Children put their family pictures in the family tree. They got to know about their body parts and personal hygiene. While younger children learned to identify, and name the body parts, older children had hands-on activities to deepen their understanding of themselves and their surroundings. Older children also got a glimpse of “good touch’ and “bad touch’ narrated as a story by their teachers. Children also spoke about their family in their show & tell sessions. It was interesting to see them coloring their friends’ hands, legs, and learning about hair cutting. 

The extravaganza on Grandparents Day

We celebrated the wisdom of generations on Grandparents Day, fostering the essence of Indian family values. Grandparents Day had been identified to keep the day aside for Grandparents and being with them. In our culture, we have the practice of being with grandparents on all days and  privileged to listen to their stories, songs, and taste their delicious cuisines which is changing now as we stay away from them. We tried to bring the feeling of togetherness with grandparents on that day by inviting grandparents to our classrooms. Grandparents participated enthusiastically in both the locations with their stories, shlokas, bhajans, science experiments, and funny interactions with our children. Children enjoyed their presence and it gave us happiness and satisfaction.

Celebrating Krishna Janmashtami

Our little ones transformed into adorable Radha Krishnas and Yashodas, parading joyously on our premises. The older preschoolers also showcased their culinary skills by preparing sweet poha, adding a tasty touch to the celebration. We invited parents to look at the parade of Radhas and Krishnas.

Ganesha Chathurti and Visarjan

Ganesha is the most loved one and children enjoy his songs, and stories. Ganesha got a shape of himself with our children’s hands on the day of Ganesha Chathurthi. Preschool and Pre-K children treated Ganesha with coconut burfi made by them and also shared it with other classrooms. On the Visarjan day, they bid goodbye to Ganesha with a parade, music, and dance performances.

Furry Friends at the Petting Zoo

There was both fun and learning when we brought furry animals to our campus. Our preschoolers had a delightful visit from 20 furry friends, including Alpacas, pot-bellied pigs, goats, and turtles. The excitement was unimaginable as our young learners interacted with these animals, creating lasting memories. Furry animals needed a special invite and arrangement to visit our place and we took that extra care.

September became the month of self-awareness and the importance of bonding with the grandparents. We thank all grandparents who made time to visit us and our “pranams” to them.