October Newsletter

October was a month of vibrant celebrations and enriching activities at Vidyarambh! We commenced the month with Gandhi Jayanthi celebrations & paid a heartwarming tribute to Gandhi. Our older preschoolers eloquently recited poems depicting the inspiring life of Mahatma Gandhi, while the younger ones danced their way into our hearts, all in celebration of the great leader. Additionally, they engaged in various Gandhi-themed process art projects, immersing themselves in creativity inspired by his philosophies.

Our preschoolers delved into an exciting culinary adventure by harvesting Methi leaves, which they had lovingly planted the previous month. With their tender care, the seeds transformed into a bountiful harvest, allowing them to prepare a delicious Methi Pulav as part of their cooking project. This entire cycle, from planting to cooking, not only taught them valuable life skills but also instilled a deep appreciation for the food they consume.

Embracing the arrival of fall, our classrooms were adorned with the warm hues of autumn. The children enthusiastically explored this season through a multitude of activities. The older preschoolers dived into STEAM activities, unraveling the science behind the changing colors of leaves. Through experiments, they extracted chlorophyll, deepening their understanding of the natural world. Activities like counting acorns, matching seeds to fruit names, and learning fall vocabulary sharpened their early math and literacy skills.

Artistry bloomed in every corner of our school. Leaf rubbings, spider web marble art, and Halloween-themed creative endeavors allowed our students to express themselves imaginatively. Even our tiniest tots in the Infant & Toddler room enjoyed learning about  the season with fall-themed sensory bins, colorful leaf-sticking activities, and delightful story times filled with Halloween Boo tales. Their giggles echoed the joy of discovering the wonders of fall.

In the spirit of preparedness, we observed International ShakeOut Day with an earthquake drill, ensuring the safety of our little ones. The vibrant colors of Navaratri then graced our classrooms. Following the Navratri color code, our children from the Infant room to the TK age classrooms were all dressed in the same color on any given day of the 9 days of Navratri. Golu arrangements adorned our spaces, showcasing the artistic talents of our students and Vidyarambh families. The children lovingly prepared Almond flour  ladoos, and Coconut burfis offering them as prasad to the goddess on Dussehra. They eagerly listened to Dussehra/Navaratri themed puppet theater and stories, enriching their cultural experiences.

This month culminated with a heartwarming Aksharabhyasam ceremony, when our children wrote the auspicious “Om” on grains by holding their parents’ hands. Our founder, Ms. Sujatha Namboodiri commenced the ceremony with a Shloka that seeks forgiveness for incorrect actions done knowingly, or unknowingly and the ceremony ended with our children’s grandparents’ melodious singing.  The event brought in the togetherness of Vidyarambh with their families. Our Teachers and Staff had Professional Development time on that day. 

Finally, we wrapped up the month with a spooktacular Halloween day! The school buzzed with excitement as children paraded in their favorite characters, filling the atmosphere with joy and laughter.

October at Vidyarambh was more than just a month of festivities. It was a time of learning, creativity, and togetherness. As the leaves changed outside, our students transformed within, embracing the beauty of fall and its vibrant transformations with open hearts and curious minds.