Memorable May

At Vidyarambh, May was exciting and we had a few unforgettable moments. We started the month with the Community Helpers theme, which made the Fire Safety personnel to visit us with their fire truck and Doctors visited our classrooms to introduce themselves to the children. Our celebrations for the month started with the Appreciation of Teachers and continued with a grand graduation ceremony for our PreK children. 

Under the captivating theme of Community Helpers, we invited our parents who are serving as community helpers through their profession as Doctors. They visited our classrooms and spoke to children about what they are doing and answered the questions they got from children. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to them for engaging our enthusiastic preschoolers, teaching them about the importance of the community roles they play & inspiring them. We had firefighters visiting us, who taught children about fire safety & things to do in case of an emergency. We invited one of the voluntary organizations to visit our center for the health screening of our children. Through these experiences, our children not only learned about community helpers but got inspired to become like them as they grow.

May is the month to appreciate teachers and our teachers got their appreciation in the 2nd week of May. Our teachers felt proud of themselves and grateful for the appreciation that they received from the families. Vidyarambh families treated us with yummy food throughout the week. They showered our teachers with handmade greeting cards from the students, thoughtful notes of appreciation, gift cards, and beautiful flowers. The outpouring of love and gratitude was overwhelming, reminding us of the profound impact a teacher has on the life of a young child.  

We then had a grand event to celebrate the joy of children graduating from the PreK classroom to Kindergarten. The event was organized in Quinlan Community Center with arrangements made for children’s performances and for a lunch gathering with the families. We had a remarkable group of 51 students who took their first steps towards the world of Kindergarten. We received a wonderful response for the event which is inspiring us to conduct more of such events in the future.

While May got us occupied with appreciations, planning, and conducting events, our creative teachers came up with many community helpers themed activities for the students in the classrooms. To quote a few of the interesting activities in the classroom, our infants did a hand-print firefighter art, toddlers picked up the costume of their favorite community helper to do a pretend play, and the preschoolers themed maze art to match & take the community helpers’ vehicle to the rightful destination! 

The month of May was eventful, filled with joyful moments and appreciations. Cheers to a Memorable May!

Meals arranged by Vidyarambh Parents
for Teacher’s Appreciation Week