July Newsletter

What a fantastic month of July we had! Our students returned from their Summer break with boundless energy, and we made sure to make the most of this short but eventful month.

Gurupurnima Celebrations -We started the month on a positive note with our Gurupurnima celebrations. The children lovingly offered flowers to their Gurus, our dedicated teachers, expressing their gratitude for guiding them in their learning journey. It was a heartwarming experience for all.

Exploring the Outdoors – Summers are the perfect time to embrace the beauty of nature, and we made sure to engage our students in a plethora of outdoor activities. Our large play areas, spanning over 10,000 sq ft, became the backdrop for the numerous fun-filled outdoor games we had. These outdoor teacher-guided activities focused on developing gross motor skills and hand-eye-leg coordination in children.

Picnic Adventures – We introduced the concept of ‘Picnic’ to our toddlers & preschoolers, and they absolutely loved it! Stepping outdoors, they relished their meals leisurely, basking in the company of their friends, and soaking in the warm summer vibes. It was a delightful experience for each age group, creating lasting memories of joyful moments.

Learning through Summer Fun – Summer fun wasn’t just about play; it was also an opportunity for our students to learn and grow. In our Pre-K classrooms, the focus was on Summer Safety, where the children learned essential measures to take before stepping out.

Meanwhile, our early preschoolers engaged in crafting unique summer hats, following step-by-step directions for an exciting art activity. Children practiced their fine & gross motor skills with many other interesting themed activities. Themed stories like the ‘Little Blue Truck’/ were also beautifully narrated with colorful props in the classrooms. 

 Delicious Treats – What’s summer without some delectable treats? Our preschool classrooms had a blast making ice-cream and fruit salad as part of their cooking project. Younger age groups joined in on the fun by crafting lemonade and popsicles through refreshing sensory bin and process art activities. Yum!

 Themed Science Adventures – Science was not left behind during our summer escapades! Our little scientists delved into exciting experiments like ‘Float or Sink?’ where they explored the concepts of density, lightness, and heaviness using everyday objects. Our Pre-K children had a hands-on experience crafting “Oobleck,” a cornstarch and water mixture exhibiting properties of both liquids and solids. Learning was truly a delightful experience.

In conclusion, July may have been short, but it was packed with unforgettable experiences, outdoor adventures, and valuable learning moments. We are excited to see what the rest of the year has in store for us as we continue to nurture and inspire our young minds.

Happy Summers to all!